Saturday, September 29, 2012

The thing that i longed the most.....=P

Assalamualaikum and good day..=)..I know this might sound a bit should i put this...lets say too over asking..but this is what i am wishing and planning to but next...ok, sha you better start saving for these...if and only if i get good result then only i will buy these things..=)...

Ipod for my exercise routines.
(Optional only)

I want this bold 4 as it makes me easy to go online and easy for me to contact my BFF as they are using BB too.
I used to have one of this but it get stolen, so i guess i need to but new one for me to keep all of my task and data as it do not fit in my laptop.
And i guess that all for today...end of my greedy list..hoho...Lets hope that i ll get these things, well, extra work i guess..Insya Allah...=)..bye..have a nice..see u soon...

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